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New York, NY – If you are someone who is being forced out of the city because government initiatives that were supposed to help you instead made everything more expensive. Or… if you are afraid to send your child to school because your neighborhood isn’t an area celebrating lower crime statistics. Or… if you are one of the thousands of people living in public housing without heat, hot water and working elevators. Or… if you are sick of the Mayor and City Council transferring your hard earned money to powerful special interest groups who are pushing their agenda. Get answers to the hard questions from elected officials, government employees and news reporters.

“The Morning Stretch” is a hot new talk show for people who have had enough abuse and are ready to speak out for justice.

Tony Herbert is a small businessman and community activist who has spoken out on behalf of the working men and women of New York City. He testified before the Corrections Board, calling on them to end the violence against corrections officers. He took elected officials on tours of NYCHA buildings so they could see firsthand, the deplorable conditions tenants were forced to live in. He even led a group of clergy through New York City streets dragging caskets behind them to force Mayor de Blasio to take action against the gun violence occurring in low income neighborhoods. In short, Tony Herbert has made it his business to speak out for justice for everyday New Yorkers.

Now Tony Herbert is taking to the airwaves where his platform will be magnified and the issues he tackles will be those raised by the viewer.

Tony Herbert will present the real story behind issues like: the billions of dollars Mayor de Blasio is planning to invest in just two neighborhood jails containing better amenities than NYCHA apartments; the Mayor’s real motivation to sell public land – including Riker’s Island – to real estate developers; how 3PK can endanger the health of New York City children and other government initiatives that take from the middle class to enrich special interest.

Said Tony Herbert, “I have spent decades fighting for people who have lost faith in a government that seems Hell bent on driving regular New Yorkers out of our city. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s an issue of arrogant government officials believing that they can steamroll the working class without suffering the consequences because they know people are too tired and are just giving up. "The Morning Stretch" is a platform for real people to demand and receive the true and accurate answers to their questions. It is a vehicle to keep people informed with the goal of getting them to participate in their government. I am humbled to be able to play a role in this worthy mission.”